Waseem Noor Luxury Formal Rosevine Fall Collection 2016-17

waseem-noor-luxury-formal-rosevine-latest-collection-2016-17-6Waseem Noor Luxury formal Rosevine Latest collection 2016-17.Designer New Launched Waseem Noor Luxury Dresses Collection 2016.Waseem Noor, who deal in all kinds of wears like formal, semi formal and bridal wears have once again launched their most anticipated collection after the great success of previous collection 2016-17.waseem-noor-luxury-formal-rosevine-latest-collection-2016-17-5These are beautiful dresses for the party or function.Waseem Noor began his career with the ladies wear brand, under the label of Waseem Noor. Looking at the range of colors exhibited in his stores Flagship Stores 3rd Commercial Lane Zamzama Karachi, Nazeer Avenue, M.M. Alam Road, Lahore.waseem-noor-luxury-formal-rosevine-latest-collection-2016-17-7

one can easily observe his love for colors and how he play around them, making each dress unique to itself yet apart from the rest.Hope u like Waseem Noor Luxury party wear Dresses 2016.Latest collection available in stores now.Waseem Noor Luxury formal Rosevine collection 2016-17.

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