Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Dresses Collection 2016

Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2016 (6)Latest Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2016 Fashion Pakistan Week.Omorose collection Tena Durrani is both contain old-world charm and modern touches. Durrani pieces pure velvet and substances on a color palette of honey creams, hot pink, earthy pewters mixed sage with rich gold, reds and greens.

Pearl and crystal detailing with intricate thread and designs, along with bursts of color made her collection one of the strongest at night.Tena Durrani has her bridal collection 2015-16 at Fashion Pakistan Week 2015.Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2016 (2)

The latest of Tena Durrani bridal collection titled 2015 “Omorose” .Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16 has increased stimulation from the 18th century revival houses from around the world to Look asked world.Hope u like Tena Durrani bridal Dresses 2015-16.

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