Nomi Ansari Haveli Bridal Wear Designer Collection 2016-17

nomi-ansari-haveli-best-bridal-wear-designer-dresses-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-1Nomi Ansari Haveli Best Bridal Wear Designer Dresses Collection 2016-17.Nomi Ansari Haveli Bridal Wear Designer Latest Collection 2016-17.Nomi Ansari presents Oudh featuring the beautiful Mawra Hocane. nomi-ansari-haveli-best-bridal-wear-designer-dresses-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-7Nomi Ansari Haveli Best Bridal Wear Dresses Collection 2016-17.A lasting memory, a rich tribute to high octane glamour, festivity, elaborate embroidery and handcrafted perfection in a plethora of colours. Oudh encapsulates old world charm with nouveau embroidery techniques.nomi-ansari-haveli-best-bridal-wear-designer-dresses-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-6

Nomi Ansari Haveli Bridal Wear Collection 2016-17.A descriptive and intricate tale women by Nomi Ansari.Delve into an enchanting and mystic tale, woven with rich fabric, deep colour, intricate craftsmanship and high octane Glamour.Nomi Ansari Fashion Designer  Haute couture DNA  Prêt Line Designer Lawn Bubbles – Children’s Line Email

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