Kayseria Winds Of Winter Dresses Collection 2016-17

kayseria-winds-of-winter-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-8Kayseria Winds of Winter collection 2016-17 Full Catalog.Kayseria announces the Winds of Winter 2016 collection. Kayseria continues to aspire towards achieving highest finesse and quality in fabric and designs.kayseria-winds-of-winter-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-2Kayseria fabrics is proud to announce the iconic Wool blend and Herring bone shawls, a symbol of luxury and finesse, in printed versions that are multipurpose, feminine and evergreen, and embroidered variations, adding a wealth of artisan-ship and splendor to wardrobes everywhere. The dyed and embroidered shawls with beautiful and intricate patterns celebrate the beauty and intricacy of Kashmiri hand embroidered shawls.kayseria-winds-of-winter-collection-2016-17-full-catalog-3

That is in addition to the plethora of fabric that you can choose from, the traditional options including Cotton Karandi, Finer Cambric, and Linen or the differentiating Bamboo Modale, Cotton Viscose and Cotton Satin Prints. Themes this season range from the traditional and folk patterns of Kashmir, Rajasthan, Ukraine and the Byzantine Empire to the warmth of the Victorian Florals, bright and beautiful under the winter sun.www.kayseria.com

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