Annus Abrar Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2017 For Girls

Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017 For Girls & Women (3)Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017.This time, the collection is sensual, almost tactile, with each design telling a story of movement, change, and growth in the background of pure luxe fabrics like raw silk, organza and tissue. Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017 For Girls & Women (5)Out of the shadows come bursts of light and explosions of color; intricate floral embroidery with silk and anchor embellished with Swarovski, pearls and rhinestones. Out of obscurity, emerge regenerative moments of softness and beauty with sequins, pitta and block prints.Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017 For Girls & Women (2)

Annus Abrar 2017 Eid dresses have been styled in the shorter in length shirts, trousers are there, cigarette pants are there too. It is a fancy collection, these dresses are the fancy and formal wear looking dressesbecause you will be seeing some stone work touches, dabka work embellishments in these Annus Abrar Eid dresses 2017.

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