Alkaram Studio Colonial Scents 3 Piece Silk Velvet Winter Collection 2016-17 With Price

alkaram-studio-colonial-scents-3-piece-silk-velvet-dupatta-collection-2016-17with-price-full-catalog-5Alkaram studio Colonial Scents 3 Piece Silk Velvet Dupatta Collection 2016-17 With Price Full Catalog.Drawing inspiration from the very first step inside a perfumery, filled with the evocative scents of flowers and essential oils, this collection features an assortment of designs combined to create stunning patterns. alkaram-studio-colonial-scents-3-piece-silk-velvet-dupatta-collection-2016-17with-price-full-catalog-8The three piece suits in this premium collection feature Silk Velvet dupattas with a fascinating blend of hues and designs to capture the attention.Starting from Rs. 5,000 Shop Collection:

Hope u likeĀ Alkaram Studio Colonial Scents 3 Piece Winter Collection 2016-17 With Price.

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